How it works

Like your home, Tiny Steps makes the process of availing babysitting services easy, safe, and comfortable for you.

Step 1

Register online and complete your profile. 

Step 2

Find a babysitter (or babysitting jobs). 

Step 3

Send a message and set up an interview. 

Tiny Steps Screens the Authenticity of Babysitter

How can a babysitter get a Verified Badge: 

1.Sign Up for FREE and create your Profile.

2.Click Submit for Screening.

3.We will screen your Profile.

4. An interview and reference check will be done.

5. If you pass the screening, we will publish your Profile with a Tiny Steps Verified Badge.

How do Tiny Steps screen a babysitter: 

1. Confirm Identity:valid ID, passport, living/working permit

2. Check Profile:social media accounts

3. Interview: assess childcaring experiences.

4. Reference check: have at least one previous employer for reference check.

Come and join the Tiny Steps Community.

Image of a nanny holding a kid

For nanny

Share your skills and get hired. 

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For parent

Hire the best nanny for your family. 

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For learners

Learn about mindful parenting and child’s growth & development. 

Types of Sitters You're Looking For

Permanent Nanny

  • Works on regular or fixed days and working schedule.
  • With at least a minimum of 6 months agreement.

Occasional Sitter

  • Available for on-call work or last minute work
  • For parents with date nights, wedding or birthday events, emergency situations.

Afterschool Sitter

  • Fetches child/children from daycare/school
  • Assists kids with homework or activities
  • Prepares snacks or dinner

Night Sitter

  • Available from 18:00 to 24:00 or up until 06:00 the following day
  • Ideal for sleep-deprived parents with newborn baby.

Tiny Steps


Are you excited to wear your baby with your new gear?  We are sure you are looking forward to bonding with your baby and also freeing up your two hands for other things. 


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