Our Commitment

Being a parent is tough. Leaving your child at home is tougher.

There might be a daycare or a babysitter nearby, but you still feel anxious; wondering if your kids are having fun and at the same time, getting the care and attention they deserve. Consider us your second home as WE:


  • Make it easier for you to find the best babysitter nearby
  • Provide you space to share your babysitting needs
  • Guide you through our child development workshops
  • Help ease parental burnout by practicing mindfulness techniques

Our Mission

Full image of a nanny holding a kid in a dandelion field

To connect parents and babysitters through our online matching site and create a mindful parenting community.

We have several stories and diverse backgrounds as families and childcare providers. But when it comes to raising children, a collective goal unites us: to see our kids grow healthy, smart, and loving individuals with unique aspirations. We believe that children are only children once. Let’s make the most of this time—together!

Our Vision & Core Values

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To be the world's first parent and babysitter online matching site that fosters awareness, mindfulness, and balance in families and childcarers.

                       OUR CORE VALUES:

  • Mindfulness: awareness and balance
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Integrity: ethical, real
  • Authenticity: credible, reliable, genuine
  • Passion: dedicated in heart and mind
  • Trust: faith, hope, certainty
  • Commitment
  • Respect and humility
  • Learning

Who We Are

We are specialists in our fields, but we are parents first.

Forever playing with children . I love to laugh out loud with kids. Constantly learning and growing as a mom. In my spare time, you can see me cooking in the kitchen, practicing mindful breathing techniques in front of dirty dishes and a pile of laundry, scrapbooking and reading books at "me time", visiting beautiful places and bonding with my family.

Fritzie Draper

Co-founder | Certified Mindfulness for Children Teacher IMMA Accredited | Work-in-progress Mom

I’m passionate with IT troubleshooting. I keep the website running for my wife, or else… When offline, I usually read self-development and spiritual books, practice tai chi, hike in nature, watch science fiction movies and spend quality time with my family.

Olaf Draper

Co-Founder | Family Man

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