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Tiny Steps | 31/08/2021

Our previous blog post gave you an introduction to the play schema – its definition, origin, purpose, and types.  We continue with the different schematic plays, ...

Tiny Steps | 23/08/2021

Have you noticed your toddler building blocks and knocking them down over and over again?  Perhaps, you see your child's fascination with crawling under his/her pillow ...

Tiny Steps | 31/01/2021

Another year has passed, and your little bub is now five years old.  Your child has more confidence and initiative to do things independently.  

Tiny Steps | 25/01/2021

Nothing beats being in the front row, watching your child develop into an active preschooler.  Your presence and support have helped your child reach the milestones he/she ...

Tiny Steps | 17/01/2021

It's incredible to witness your little one adapt and learn through exploring his/her environment and interacting with peers and adults around him/her.  Your child's brain ...

Tiny Steps | 11/01/2021

At two years old, your little trooper is becoming more and more independent.  Your child may start to show eagerness to do things without your assistance.