It is normal to feel anxious about leaving your child in the care of a babysitter for the first time.  As much as you would want to enjoy the night out, you probably can't help thinking of how your child is at home or wondering if you have forgotten something.

A babysitting checklist is a simple and straightforward list that has the essential information your babysitter needs to know.  You can use it as a guide of what you need to discuss with the babysitter to set your expectations of her.  Once you have made the babysitter checklist, you can go over the list with the babysitter and leave it with her or hang it over your fridge.  It will make you feel at ease knowing that you covered all the important details, relayed all your requests to the babysitter and that the sitter can review the checklist any time he/she needs to.

So what's in the babysitting checklist? Here are the key details it should have:

Babysitting Checklist

  • Contact List

You should provide your spouse or partner and your contact information.  While calling you on your mobile phone is the easiest way to get in touch with you, it is also advisable to provide your work phone number, especially if you leave your child on a weekday.

If you have a trusted adult who may be your neighbor, a family member, or a relative, provide their contact information too.  By doing so, you give your babysitter an alternate contact person in case she/he is unable to reach you.  Also, leave emergency numbers in case of an urgent medical need, fire, or any disturbance in your home or area.  

  • Your Home Address

Give your complete home address so that in case there is an emergency, the babysitter may provide your address.

  • Your Kid's Information

Your babysitter must know the basic and health-related details about your child.  Include their name, age, known allergies, and medications.  It will also help the babysitter if he/she knows your child's favorite toys and books, this is to help your sitter know your child's interests for easier bonding time. 

  • House Rules

You can include here the schedule for naps, snacks, dinner, and sleep.  You should let the babysitter know if you have rules for the kids on sweets, screentime, and playtime.  If you have specific rules for the babysitter like no visitors or no food delivery, you may include it here too.

  • Other Special Requests

You can put any other special requests you may have for the babysitter.  You can place here bath time or bedtime routines your child follows.  You may also include other light chores. (TIP: Make sure that you agree on the added tasks for her/him.)

That's it! To make it easier, Tiny Steps has prepared a babysitting checklist template that is available for you to download, print, and fill-out. You can choose to laminate the checklist template, so it becomes reusable.

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