With many families looking to hire a nanny to help care for their young children, babysitting can be lucrative and rewarding job.  However, it can be difficult to stand out.

According to figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), almost 75% of Dutch children aged 3 and below went to some form of childcare in 2014.  Evidence show that Dutch parents use childcare services such as daycare centers and nanny services more than any other country in the EU.

If you're looking to land a job as a nanny or a babysitter, knowing how to effectively showcase your skills and services as a childcarer is important.  It is also wise to be involved in legitimate nanny hiring websites and forums to be able to find the best match for your preferences.

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned professional, here are three helpful tips to make you stand out from the rest.

What You Need to Prepare When Looking for a Nanny Job

1. Make a nanny portfolio.

An essential tool in marketing your nanny services is to have a nanny portfolio.  With the advent of the Internet, it has become easier to be able to keep a compilation of your resume, letters of reference, a list of training classes and workshops taken, degrees, awards, proof of EHBO for Babies and Children Certification, and a copy of your driver's license.

You might also want to add copies of projects you've worked on with children in your care.  Make sure to have an approval to share these especially if there are photos of other children.

At Tiny Steps, it is easy and completely free to create an account.  You can sign up for free and create a profile wherein you can showcase your qualifications, experiences, activities for kids and any additional services you can offer for a family. 


We cannot stress the importance of an appropriate photo to go with your profile.  We are not talking about a glamour shot taken from a professional studio but a clear headshot that shows your actual face, preferably without filters or touch-ups.  A smile wouldn't hurt either.  Parents will want to touch base with child carers that show warmth and personality.  Don't let an unsmiling or stiff photo of you prevent you from getting jobs.

2. Contact and network in nanny agencies or websites.

Using a nanny service like Tiny Steps can help you with exposure and networking.  Creating a profile on a major site can put your skills in front of an interested audience.

At Tiny Steps, nannies can look and apply for jobs themselves.  You can enter your search criteria and find the best babysitting job in your area.  When you view a family's profile, you will learn about their location, the number of kids, their ages, and which days of the week they need a babysitter.

3. Prepare for the interview.

A strong nanny portfolio or profile will not be the deciding factor for parents to hire a babysitter.  It will always be the interview that secures the job for you. 

Before you have an interview with a prospective family, make sure to prepare by reading over the job description carefully.  Be ready to provide relevant work history that demonstrates why you're well-suited for the position.

Practice answering potential interview questions prior to your appointment.  We have an interview checklist you can read through so you can get a general sense of what can be asked during the interview.

A premium membership at Tiny Steps allows nannies to send the first message or reach out to potential families.  If someone sends you the first message, it's always free to reply.

Join the Tiny Steps Community

At Tiny Steps, we have a mission to go beyond providing a platform for babysitting jobs and nanny services for expats and local families.  We encourage parents and childcarers to practice mindful parenting, have an awareness with their child's growth and development and instill compassion, kindness, empathy and patience in their hearts.

We make sure to provide an avenue for parents and childcarers to discover each other and form a nurturing team that is best for the growth and development of children.

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