Privacy Policy

Tiny Steps (“we”) respects the privacy of Users (“you”) as we build and sustain a community of Families and Babysitters. Our Privacy Policy shows how the Data you provide us is managed, stored, used, protected, or shared in connection with our system and your Usage of our Website and Services.

By using Tiny Steps’ Website, you as a User automatically agree to abide by this Privacy Policy at all times. Users also agree that this Privacy Policy will be implemented in accordance with our declared purposes, our Terms & Conditions, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Netherlands.

I. Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to the Users of Tiny Steps’ Website who may be referred to as Nannies, Babysitters, Families, and other Individuals. This Privacy Policy applies to Users who access the Website through any type of device, such as computer, mobile device, tablet, among others.

II. Definitions

This Privacy Policy adopts all the Policies as well as the definitions stated in Tiny Steps’ Terms & Conditions. Below are additional definitions used in this Privacy Policy:

Collection – the process of acquiring Data from Users who agree to provide it as they use the Website and join Tiny Steps’ community

Data Controller – refers to Tiny Steps as the entity that processes the User’s personal Data.

Data Subject - any User whose Data is collected by and provided to Tiny Steps through its Website

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

III. Collection of Information

Tiny Steps is committed to privacy and Data protection and collects your information based on a legitimate consent you have provided to us. As a User, you have the right to withdraw such information at any time by using the available features on the Website or by contacting Tiny Steps.

Basic Information

When a User registers an Account and creates his/her Profile on the Website, the User acknowledges and consents to the processing, collection, use, and storage of the following personal information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone/mobile Number
  • Zip code and House Number


Having a complete Profile that showcases the skills and talents of Babysitters and Nannies helps them attract employers, receive inquiries, or get easily hired. For employers, their Profiles help them attract the ideal candidates they are looking for.

Nannies and Babysitters are encouraged to provide the following information for their Profile:

  • Previous / Current Employment
  • Childcare Experience: Number of Years
  • Experience with Age Categories of Children
  • Relevant Skills and Talents You Can Share with Children
  • Activities You Can Create or Stage for Children
  • Maximum Number of Children You Are Capable to Babysit
  • Certifications / Training
  • Studying: Yes / No
  • Languages Spoken
  • Hourly Salary

Parents are encouraged to provide the following information for their Profile:

  • Number of Children
  • Age of Children
  • Gender of Children
  • Expecting: Yes / No
  • Expectations from the Nanny or Babysitter: Skills, Talents, Areas of Interest
  • Hourly Salary

Users can alter the information that they provide at any time. Users can also add other information to their Profile, such as a photo, professional awards or recognition, projects involvement, references, and other relevant qualifications. As stated in the Terms & Conditions, Users have the sole authority to ask questions about the experience and credentials of other Users by sending them a Message.

Users have control over the disclosure and accuracy of information they provide to the Website and to other Users. Users understand that the inclusion of untruthful information, omission of information, or withholding of information in their Profile or in any form of communication may affect the outcome or success of their job search and hiring as well as the overall User experience.


Content & Communication

All types of Content that the User makes available on the Website will be accessed, processed, and stored by Tiny Steps. In case you disclose to the Website any personal Data that does not belong or relate to you, you agree that you are authorized to do such, have acquired consent from the owner of the Data about its disclosure to Tiny Steps and its Users, and that such Data can be treated as your own Data, which can be accessed, processed, and stored by Tiny Steps and are bound by the Privacy Policy as well.

Any correspondence, Message, as well as feedback or suggestion you provide us over the Tiny Steps Website, email, or other online platforms will be treated as non-confidential information to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Users agree that Tiny Steps has the right to publish, use, or disseminate such communication without liability.

Tiny Steps also collects automatically generated information, such as IP address, type of browser, computer system, and surfing behavior on the Website. Tiny Steps IT maintenance personnel as well as third party service providers the Company engages with may possess limited access to your Data, for the purposes of repair, bug fixes, maintenance, and restoration of the integrity of the Website’s Database, servers, and your information and may be required to process your information according to the Privacy Policy and proper security measures.

IV. Purposes of Collection

Tiny Steps uses and processes your Data based on our capacity as a platform that aims to gather Families and Babysitters and creates a family-friendly environment where they can connect and communicate. Users agree and understand that the Data collected from them and any information they provided to Tiny Steps with expressed consent will be used to:

  • maintain Website operations and functionality
  • administer the Services of Tiny Steps
  • improve overall User experience
  • confirm the identities of Users
  • provide Users exclusive access to the Database
  • send Users information about Tiny Steps’ Services
  • solicit feedback, suggestion, and other Messages
  • process payments
  • support marketing or statistical purposes
  • provide information to third parties -- if you have provided permission, or if required by law or regulation 

V. Data Protection

Tiny Steps will do its best to implement appropriate technical measures to protect the information you provide to us against any form of illegal activities. 

Users agree that the availability, accessibility, and storage of information outside Tiny Steps’ Website and platforms or wherein Tiny Steps is not a party to such arrangements, such as agreements made between Users or sharing the Data to other entities, are no longer under the control of Tiny Steps and not covered by this Privacy Policy.

VI. Rights & Responsibilities of Data Subjects

You can view, remove, or change your personal details in your Profile any time. You may also request access and information about which details are stored about you or if there are details that must be changed. 

You may also make corrections or updates to your personal information.

You can object to the processing of your personal information.

You can get a restriction of processing once you spot inaccuracy in your personal Data, if you find the processing unlawful, or if you believe Tiny Steps no longer needs the Data you provided for the purposes of processing.  

You can access your personal Data in an orderly manner and machine-readable format and have the right to share or transmit such Data to another controller.

VII. Amendments & Questions

This Privacy Policy may be modified by Tiny Steps at any time without prior notice. Relevant changes will be made available on this page or communicated through other Tiny Steps channels. Should you find any part of this Privacy Policy disagreeable or inapplicable to you, please do not proceed with creating an Account on the Website. 

Users can send questions and learn more about the Privacy Policy and how they can exercise their rights as Data Subjects by emailing Tiny Steps at [insert email]