Terms of Service Page

Please read these Terms & Conditions before you use the Website, Services, and any other properties online of Tiny Steps to maintain proper Usage and legal compliance. 

I. Purpose 

Tiny Steps (“we”) acknowledges and respects the rights, capabilities, and decision of its User (“you”) as he/she navigates the Website and avails our Services. By using the Website, the User automatically:

  • agrees to abide by these Terms & Conditions at all times;
  • agrees to review these Terms & Conditions regularly as this may change at any time without prior notice and fully accept the changes;
  • acknowledges that Users have no rights to sell, claim license to, or use any Content owned by Tiny Steps in illegal activities or actions beyond the online Usage set under these Terms & Conditions and other Policies on the Website

Should you deem any of these Terms & Conditions inapplicable to you, please do not proceed with using the Website or registering an Account with us until you are ready to fully recognize and abide by all the Policies stipulated under these Terms & Conditions. 

II. Definitions

The following terms are used throughout these Terms & Conditions, and each has a specific meaning regardless if they are in their singular or plural form:

Account – a registered Account or Premium Account with Tiny Steps, processed through the Website, and comes with an email address, username, and a password provided by the User

Babysitter – a category of a User on the Website that refers to an Individual who provides care for babies and children; a Babysitter with a registered Account on the Website can access certain Data, Services, and Content on the Website

Company – refers to Tiny Steps 

Content – any material found on the Website (images, text, links) that are provided by Tiny Steps and its Users unless otherwise stated

Customer – refers to a Babysitter, Nanny, Parent, Family, Family Member, or any Individual who registers an account on the Website, visits the Website, expresses interest in Tiny Steps’ Services, has inquired about or availed its Services in the past, has attempted to register an Account on the Website, or has agreed to any form of subscription to the Website

Data – any type of information supplied by the Customer that are important in Website Usage and availing Tiny Step’s Services

Database – a collection of Data provided by the Customer and the Company; well curated to help Users achieve satisfactory Profile matching

Family or Family Member – an Individual or group of Individuals who visit the Website or register an Account on the Website and seek childcare services

Fee (or Subscription Fee) – any fees payable to the Company for availing Tiny Steps’ Services and/or Website Usage as advertised on the Website and/or agreed by both Parties 

Individual – a person who registers an account on the Website, visits the Website, expresses interest in Tiny Steps’ Services, has inquired about or availed its Services in the past, has attempted to register an Account on the Website, or has agreed to any form of subscription to the Website

Inactive Account – when Users opt to discontinue showing their Profile and temporarily refrain from using the Website instead of deleting their Account

Nanny – a category of a User on the Website that refers to an Individual who provides care for babies and children; a Nanny with a registered Account on the Website can access certain Data, Services, and Content on the Website

Login Details – refer to the credentials (username, email address, and password) supplied by the User to access and use Tiny Steps’ Website 

Message – any form of communication sent by a User to another User

Parent – see Customer

Parties – refer to the Customer and the Company

Payment Period – fixed period in which the Subscription Fee applies

Policy – rules set by the Company that pertain to the Usage of their Website and can be found hereof or on other pages of the Website 

Premium Account – see “III. Services” below

Privacy Policy – see Privacy Policy [insert link to Privacy Policy]

Profile – Data provided by Users for identification, compliance with the Website’s requirements, and other purposes it may serve for availing Tiny Steps’ Services

Services – see “III. Services” below

Sole Authority – refers to an act, responsibility, or role that a User performs without external influence and takes full responsibility of

Terms & Conditions - the terms and conditions of using the Website as updated from time to time and without prior notice

Tiny Steps - the Company that owns and operates the website [URL]

Usage – refers to accessing or using Tiny Steps’ Services and Website and covers the registration of an Account, reading or interacting with all types of Content, and performing any other legal activities on the Website that are acknowledged by Tiny Steps, these Terms & Conditions, and applicable laws;

User – see Customer

Website – the digital platform of Tiny Steps that contains and runs its Services; covers all types of text, visual content, and elements found at [URL]

III. Services

Website Usage. Tiny Steps’ Website is a platform where Individuals seeking childcare assistance from Nannies and Babysitters or Nannies and Babysitters looking for Parents or Families in need of childcare assistance can connect. In this community, Tiny Steps allows Users to create a Profile, which can be viewed by other Users, and contact other Users whose Profiles match their needs.

Roles of Users. Users are granted the Sole Authority to:

  • form their own opinion when creating or viewing Profiles;
  • assess the quality of Profiles and Users;
  • select Users to hire or search for jobs on their own pace and preference;
  • contact other Users to ask questions or hire them;
  • set a meeting, schedule, financial agreements, and other necessary information regarding childcare services;
  • make decisions throughout the inquiry or hiring phase, and such decisions will be acknowledged by all Parties as long as those decisions are acted upon according to these Terms & Conditions and applicable laws;
  • manage the creation, fulfillment, and termination of any type of agreement made between the Users whether on the Website or beyond it.

Users are responsible for all matters, decisions, and activities arising from their use of their Account and the Website. Users also assume full responsibility for compliance with the Terms & Conditions and applicable laws governing the use of the Website.

Accounts. Users who registered an Account on the Website can automatically enjoy free services such as registration on the Website, completion of Profiles, and access to the Database of Nannies, Babysitters, Parents, and Families. 

Users who upgrade their Account to a Premium Account can instantly send other Users a Message to start a conversation. This Fee, which applies for a Payment Period, is non-refundable. 

Payment.  Users can pay through iDEAL or Credit Card.

Should a User fail to fulfill his or her payment obligations within the due date, the Premium subscription will be cancelled. 

Cancellations and Refunds. If Users wish to cancel their Premium Account and to no longer use Tiny Steps’ Services, Users have the option to completely delete their Account. 

If Users want to discontinue displaying their Profiles and temporarily refrain from using the Website but not completely remove their Account from the Website, Users can switch to Inactive Account instead. Users with Inactive Accounts are not required to pay any Subscription Fee but are responsible for completing their payment for the last Payment Period wherein a Subscription Fee applies. Inactive Accounts can be reactivated when the User logged in again on the Website.

Refunds will not apply in the following situations:

  • When a User cancels an Account or switches to Inactive Account within a Payment Period;
  • When the Website undergoes system maintenance to improve its Services, features, and facilities for Users;
  • Any interruptions, damages, or dissatisfactory experienced by Users following their decision to contact or engage with other Individuals they initially connected with on the Website.

Other Policies. Users can find other Policies pertaining to Website Usage and availing of Services on the other pages of the Websites, including but not limited to the method and requirements in the completion of Profiles and registration and upgrading of Accounts.

IV. Condition of Use

Access to Database. Users exercise a revocable access to the Database and the opportunity to share their Profiles for job search and hiring activities that are held in accordance with these Terms & Conditions and as may be allowed by law. The Website should not be used for purposes not stated in these Terms & Conditions. 

Creation of Accounts and Profiles. By creating an Account on the Website, Users agree that the Data they provided are existing, up-to-date, legally binding, and accurate. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Login Details whether on the website or mobile and for ensuring that they have read, understood, and accepted Tiny Steps’ Privacy Policy. Users are encouraged to create strong passwords and not share it to other Users or entities outside the Website. Users are advised to log out after using the Website. By creating a Profile, Users confirm that the information they provided are current, legitimate, and truthful and authorize the Website to show their Profile to other Users.

A User can only create one Account that matches his/her identity. A User is not allowed to create an Account for another identity. If you believe that your Login Details or Account may have been compromised, contact [email] so we can immediately assist you with your technical concerns.

Behavior & Fair Use. Tiny Steps encourages Users to exercise professionalism, decorum, and transparency and to comply with the Terms & Conditions and applicable laws when using the Website. 

As a part of a family-friendly community, you as a User agree to:

  • not duplicate, disclose in public, resell, use for commercial purposes, or illegally make available to third parties any Data on the Website, including conversations between Users;
  • not engage third parties to carry out any actions on the Website;
  • not post, transmit, or send any information that is deemed harmful, illegal, defamatory, offensive, or inciting violent;
  • not start, perform, or promote actions that constitute any financial, digital, or personal crimes;
  • not create any situation, information, or material that can damage Tiny Steps’ trademark, logo, intellectual property, or Content;
  • not use any tools, data mining, robots, or other software that can collect data to acquire information from the Database.

Tiny Steps may remove a User from the Website, block access to the Database or any Account, cancel activities, delete Content, or act on a situation identified as non-compliance or violation. 

V. System Upgrade, Repair, Or Maintenance 

Tiny Steps aims to provide great service to its Customers. To fulfill this, the Website undergoes system upgrade, repair, or maintenance from time to time without prior notice. Users agree and acknowledge that should these activities take place and affect the Website’s availability and Tiny Steps’ operations, the Company has no means of controlling the availability of its Services and shall not be liable for any interruptions to such. 

VI. Liability & Warranties

Users agree that risks such as information access, sharing, and transmission are inevitable on the Internet, and Tiny Steps has no absolute capacity to eradicate the said risks and shall not be held liable for the occurrence of the said risks and their consequences.

Users are aware that they exercise their discretion to provide their information to the Website and use its Services according to their roles and these Terms & Conditions. In this regard, Users agree that Tiny Steps has neither control nor liability for any type of damage, violation, negligence, financial loss, Data loss, disputes, and unlawful activities connected with or occurring as a result of the Usage of the Website. The restrictions named here are not applicable in the case of deliberate and/or conscious negligence on the part of Tiny Steps. 

Users agree that as Customers, they are responsible for being informed about their rights and how they can be exercised as provided under other applicable laws in relation to the Usage of the Website. Users have the right to report any damage or dispute that concerns Tiny Steps in writing. Users’ claim to compensation against the Company for any damage will lapse 12 months after the occurrence of the claim. 

VII. Governing Law

The Dutch Law shall govern these Terms & Conditions and your Usage of the Website. A recognized competent court in Amsterdam shall have jurisdiction in case of dispute. 

VIII. Severability

Any provision of this Agreement that is prohibited or deemed unenforceable in any jurisdiction shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions hereof.